The story of 4Favorites Rugs is a good one, and one that is starting to be spread around. The Colorado custom rug company was featured in the July edition of the Westword. In the article, which you can READ HERE, reporter Jamie Siebrase spotlights 4Favorites and its owner Phyllis Ripple.

A collector of custom rugs since 1987 when she lived in Pakistan with her husband and family, Ripple launched the Colorado custom rug company in the fall of 2014.

As the headline in Westword alluded to, “Phyllis Ripple’s Custom Rugs Will Change The Way You Look At Art” – specifically children’s’ art. The inspiration and business model of 4Favorites was formed after taking children’s drawings and then translating those works of art into custom rugs.

“That’s the motivation and purpose behind it,” Ripple says. “I think kids’ art really transforms well into rugs, and it’s something that is really empowering to young artists. It’s also an opportunity for parents, grandparents, godparents and anyone else close to the child to immortalize a child’s creative expression in a more lasting and permanent way through the purchase of a high quality, one of kind rug that is meaningful and unique.”

Anyone interested in translating their child or grandchild’s drawing or sketch into a custom rug can simply send over a jpeg of the artwork. Ripple will then take the jpeg and create multiple design options, which can be used to make a one-of-a-kind custom rug. Upon customer approval, Ripple will send the design over to India or Nepal where it will be hand-tufted into a high-quality wool rug.

CLICK HERE to get a better visual of the process. Should you have any other additional questions or inquiries CONTACT 4Favorites today. Ripple and her team would love to hear from you!