Custom Rugs by Kids for Kids


4 FAVORITES translates your child’s artwork into a high quality woven wool rug that will be made once, and only for you. Your original rug is handmade in India and all rugs are certified child-labor free.

Phyllis Ripple founded 4 FAVORITES as a way of preserving her own children’s artwork. "I realized I could immortalize my children's original drawings by creating fine hand made wool rugs which will last for years and years".

No stranger to the rug business Phyllis is also the founder and CEO of ecoFiber Custom Rugs. Based in Boulder, Colorado, ecoFiber Custom Rugs manufactures handmade rugs in Nepal for the architectural and interior design communities in the United States and abroad. With both companies Phyllis has blended her passion for design and textiles, her university education in art history, and her social and environmental concerns to create a business model that supports sustainable principles. And in both cases she put her money behind preventing the exploitation of children.

Phyllis routinely traverses the world seeking inspiration and learning from dyers and weavers, her partners in the creative process.  Whether it is a 4 FAVORITES creation or an ecoFiber rug her dedication to sustainability is unwavering.  The natural fibers, dyes and the craftsmanship of her weavers result in rugs, which are not only an ethical choice, but also ones that are truly a works of art.

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