When you order a 4favorites rug, you are buying an original work of art.  Your original art.  Each rug is made once, and only for you. Your rug will not be made by a machine, but by human hands.  Adult hands.  Your design will never be copied.

 Your rug will be certified through Goodweave, an international organization committed to ending child labor in the rug business.  Goodweave performs unannounced on-site inspections of looms in Nepal, India and Afghanistan to ensure that no children are working illegally. Check it out: www.goodweave.com. We weave rugs at communal looms, not factories.  This makes it easier for our skilled weavers to keep their families together.  They don’t have to travel long distances to be employed. We pay our skilled weavers fairly and consider them our partners in creating your rug.