how it works


how it works

The first step in this process is the hardest.
Deciding on which of the many wonderful drawings currently affixed to your refrigerator or lining your walls to chose takes a little thought.  In our experience simple drawings make the best rugs and once you’ve made the decision the rest really is easy.



how it works:


Send us a photo of your child's drawing. 

We send you two design samples
from which to chose.

You make a selection, determine a rug size and send payment.

Cost by Size:

2' x 3' - $198

3' x 5' - $495

4' x 6' - $790

5' x 8' - $1320



8 weeks later we send you a custom rug
to cherish for a lifetime!

Photo of finished rug


Ready to get started?  

Simply click the link below and follow the directions: